Any technology indistinguishable from magic will appear as magic. Any life form indistinguishable from a god, will appear as a god. As far as I know we are among the first possible life forms in this particular universe. And neither god nor magic exists except as appearance. And if we ever encounter magic or god it will mean we will soon be enslaved or dead.

We ‘calculate’ anthropomorphically because our brains contain means of anthropomorphic representation necessary for our action in the universe at human scale.

Gods provide us with units of measurement that provide decidability across differences in value on one hand, as does a strong father in a household, a headman in a tribe, a king in a territory, and a judge in a polity.

Decidability provides us with mindfulness, since we are not able to form secure relations with the numbers of people who share our territorial space as super predators. Role playing with a fictional father, headman, king, judge two whom one cannot lie, provides us wth mindfulness. appealing to that fictional father, headman, king, judge that has unlimited abilities provides mindfulness in suffering and despair.

Humans are very simple creatures. Nothing is very hard to understand. It is just tremendous work to sift through the layer cake of lies we build to provide us with false mindfulness in our ignorance, instead of truth mindfulness in our knowledge. )

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