It’s Not The Right That Denies The Facts

—“Q: Why do so many right wingers claim to care about facts while simultaneously believing and sharing blatant misinformation?”—

Since the opposite is generally true, that liberals are almost always wrong, because Marxism, Socialism, Freudianism, Boazian Anthropology, all of sociology and psychology, and of course postmodern political correctness are all products of pseudoscience, and conservatism is reducible to the single principle of empirical, sovereign, voluntary reciprocity, it’s pretty hard to guess what it is you’re fantasizing.

Conservatives DO use hyperbole (exaggeration) to illustrate ‘what would happen if everyone did this’. But then, that is the whole point of the categorical imperative: only do something if you wish everyone else did it also.

Liberalism is nonsense, pseudosicence, and outright lying.

Conservatism is just rule of law by reciprocity (tort).

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