Magic And God And Frames

–“I wonder what brought “magic” and “god” in one topic? People either measure through high context (not magic) low precision, or construe low context to look like high context so as to pretend the first (magic). Those who can ‘measure’ through low context, high precision can explain what they are doing, but the audience mostly can’t grok it… so they try use the audience’s language: high context, low precision.”— Mea Culba

1 – You are correct, but the terminology is ‘high context low precision’ vs ‘high precision, low context’. (I’ve modified your prose to make use of those terms instead)

2 – technically speaking there are very few grammars available to man. And the grammar of ‘magic’ is used to ascribe cause or intent to that which is not understood. So combining fiction and magic, we get religion. Adding law gets us monotheism.

3 – people can be spoken to in the language of analogy, parable, and fiction, without engaging in lying (religion).

We all defend our frames. The abrahamic lies have affected all but the far east. It took me a long time to understand the damage caused by abrahamism (lying). And it’s because people are so vulnerable to that form of lying, that it’s been so dangerous and destructive.

Abrahamism combines lying and conflation into not only monotheism but a monopoly frame. This is terribly simple for the human mind. It is also, because it does NOT consist of competition, a PRISON for the human mind.

(BTW: Mea Culba: You write very smart things on a regular basis despite jumping a language barrier.)

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