Monarchy, Corporation, And Cult. Choose Your Mix.

Monarchy has been the default and most durable form of existing government (fact) – kinship or near kinship rule.

The jury is in and monarchies were superior to democracy. (Although that’s been known since before Plato wrote it down. The reason he wrote the republic was because it was clear that the experiment in democracy had failed.)

There are really only three choices of rule:

1 – Kin(Monarchy-Aristocracy-Violence),
2 – Corporation(Committee-Bureaucracy-Payment), and
3 – Cult(priesthood-cult-gossip/inclusion/exclusion.)

And all civilizations make use of some combination in some priority.

Generally it’s been Kin(wealth) -> Corporation(industry) <- Cult(Poverty).

The american experiment was Kin->Corporation->Cult
In the modern world it’s Cult ->Corporation->Kin.
Iran is trying to restore Cult->Kin->Corporation.
You can describe any culture by that priority stack.

The lesson of tripartism (Classes) is
1 – Monarchy: Kin-Judicial-Martial Paternal.
2 – Corporation: Universal – Commercial – Ascendant Male
3 – Cult: universal-supernatural-Maternal

Ponder that for a bit.

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