Re: Styx, Sargon, Spencer Et Al (Not That Anyone Will Read This Here (Or Understand It But)….)

omfg…. you know, ….

I started making notes and gave up. Here is the underlying issue: lack of means of decidability in such a conversation.

The brit is a twit. He’s just an english speaking french effeminate, looking to rent seek on the commons without paying any cost for it – particularly the high cost of righting catastrophic wrongs (thefts). the french deserve their reputations as effeminate parasitic cowards. He shows us in english just why that is so. The english became cowards after the war, just as they became (((others))) after Disraeli.

Richard doesn’t understand that ‘autistic’ argument is the means by which we construct the law that makes his desired social order possible. And that most of us ‘autists’ are trying to find a way to make law that makes such an order possible. And because law is necessary to scale any order, just as mathematics is necessary to scale any construction.

Pragmatism is a pathetic excuse for anything. Either we live by rule of law of reciprocity and sovereignty or we live by arbitrary discretion.

If you are unwilling to right a crime such as the seizure of political power by intentional warfare via the immigration act, and the systematic failure of enforcement, or you are just another excuse maker trying to whine rather than pay the cost of obtaining restitution..

The whole point (which I found idiotic on all sides) is that we pay high costs to perform restitution, whether that restitution be interpersonal, communal, political, or extra political (international). The only possible means of determining decidable right and wrong, good and bad, regardless of preference, in a market where we are not bound by monopoly of mental frame, physical ability, or emotional value, reciprocity. Period.

West exceeded the rest for one reason: our law. not our legislation. our law. the law of sovereignty.

The militia: the distributed dictatorship of those who pay for the order we call rule of law, markets, and meritocracy.

The only reason for GOOD FAMILIES to cooperate rather than conquer and profit from the domestication of BAD FAMILIES (which is europe’s group evolutionary strategy), is if it is more preferable to cooperate than not.

The moment that it is more profitable (or in our case, capital preserving) for a kin group to cease cooperation, and particularly if it is costly to kin groups to continue cooperation and decapitalization, then pursuit of further cooperation is just a means of avoiding the individual cost of obtaining corporate (kinship) returns.


1 – It is undesirable to hold the entire continent.

2 – it is undesirable to retain much of our own kind if they are underdeveloped and under-evolved (leftists/feminists/betas).

3 – It is entirely achievable to cause the breakup of the federal government in to regions with different ‘markets’ for participation.

4 – We have always been a minority and we are better and stronger bound with competitors. This is the result of aristocracy: the continuation of our ancestral industry of profiting from the domestication of animal man (really, that’s our group strategy). European aristocratic classes were always small in number. Europeans have been small in number.

5 – We are better off letting the less civilized people (and their genes) decline into arabia, brazil, india, and the steppe, and profiting from our differences.

6 – No civilization in history is as fragile as the american empire and it can be radically altered for our benefit in less than a year. There are no farms to return to. There are not enough soldiers to occupy. All that prevents success is attempting to (a) take the whole territory, (b)

7 – Build walls. Keep them out. The Chinese hold the best external group evolutionary strategy even if we hold the best internal group evolutionary strategy.

8 – western civilization is not replaceable. It was unique. a fortunate accident. And we dragged humanity out of ignorance, poverty, superstition, disease, starvation, and tyranny in just a few centuries in the ancient and modern worlds.

9 – we can rule the planet if we return to our native industrial specialization.

10 – and drag mankind behind us to ambitions we have not yet dreamed of.


I could have a conversation with Richard and translate his statement into empirical and measurable prose. I suspect I could have one with whomever Styx is. I don’t know the others. But the british fellow is not an empiricist but an (((abrahamist))) which is not an opinion but a measurement. He, like (((the others))) makes excuses for not paying the high cost of enforcing the law of reciprocity and sovereignty

The reason I’ve greatly reduced my interactions this year is that it’s actually impossible to have an adult conversation with people who are other than sentimental trolls.

I had a terrible event (trolling) where I lost my temper last month, with some idiot who denied that that which we call logic consists of grammars that test constant relations between states, and who confused correctness of inference between stated premises with tests of truth where completeness is forever lacking and premises forever contingent. I mean. And apparently I lack knowledge of ‘logic’ for being able to explain its constitution.

Now, you know, you just can’t get over a boundary where intellectual dishonesty, dunning kruger effects, and the substitution of reason for intuition – particularly moral intuition – makes communication across leaps in capabilities and knowledge possible.

Almost everyone in the end decides by intuition, Very few of us calculate. THe problem is that THE PEOPLE WHOSE INTUITION IS IDENTICAL TO THE RESULT OF CALCULATION DON’T F—KING KNOW IT.

And Richard is calculating correctly. He just doesn’t know how to SAY it.

What I have tried and I think succeeded in doing is making scientific and logical (calculable) language and grammar of the conservative sovereign(reciprocal), aristocratic(Rule), noble(families) meritocratic(markets), under our near eternal rule of law (rule of voluntary militial warriors).

For the simple reason that we cannot fix ourselves well enough to create a constitution and law by which we restore our unique western civilization.

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