Suppose I Am The Prime Minister Of A Low Income Insular Island Country Of About 2 Million People. What Are Policies Needed To Achieve The Same Economic Success Of South Korea Rapidly?

  1. Learn from “Duarte, Putin, Mao” and hang the criminals and drug users.
  2. “Eliminate” everyone with an IQ under 95 – quickly, or at least sterilize them.
  3. Limit reproduction to married couples who own property, or face prison and fines in the chinese model.
  4. Replace your entire judiciary with American Lawyers. They are cheap and americans are almost impossible to bribe – the law is our ‘religion’ so to speak.
  5. Have those lawyers draft an uninterpretable (strictly constructed) constitution by which to adjudicate laws.
  6. Do not under any circumstances produce anything like a democracy.
  7. Instead, give universal standing to the citizenry to file civil suits against any member of the government or the bureaucracy.
  8. Declare yourself and your family a constitutional monarchy bound by that constituion so that no one can use politics to obtain status, only economic service of others.
  9. Give yourself 10% of GDP to spend on the commons (the territory) at your own discretion.
  10. Give the people 10% of GDP as redistribution (‘dividends’).
  11. Perform a Domesday Inventory, and produce a single universal title registry and implement it using blockchain technology.
  12. Use the treasury to bypass the financial sector and issue debit cards to adult citizens, so that they can spend their ‘dividends’ directly as income.
  13. Use the treasury to bypass the consumer credit system, and issue loans for fixed capital goods (houses, etc) at the rate of inflation for one half of whatever american loan durations are. For capital goods, (cars, appliances) at one percent. Do not issue credit for consumption purposes.
  14. Use the 13 week month in your accounting, the overhead cost of the 12 month year is absurd.
  15. Take a small percentage of all sales transactions, and financial transactions.
  16. Take income and property taxes that are the lowest that you can survive on.
  17. Create a tax haven, and a central bank, and a fiat currency.
  18. Keep banks open seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
  19. Teach everyone english with native british speakers, with extra emphasis on diction. Do the same with Emily Post’s Etiquette. It isn’t obvious to … ahem… the ‘common folk’ that etiquette is a test of your ability to respect other people’s property in all its forms.
  20. You will compete with Monaco in less than five years. (Really)
  21. Move to tourism to encourage large scale investment. You won’t have to. You will be buried in money.

Remember that every person at the bottom is six times as costly as the people at the top. In america, already, ‘whites, jews and asians’ are a for-profit polity, and america would have no debt if limited to them. Single motherhood, and broken families, criminals, and drug users will destroy your economy, and the lives of your ‘good people’.

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