The Damage The Liberals Do

During the 1600’s,1700’s,and early 1800’s Connecticut was one of the best places to live in human history outside of small regions of west france, and southern england. But perhaps even better than those. The connecticut river valley is comparable in many ways to the Loire, but less exhausted by the presence of man.

Today, it is a post industrial, post socialist, bankrupt, business-hostile, job-absent, dysgenic, ungovernable, wasteland of capital-flight, both industrial, material, human, cultural, and intellectual.

It is detroit on a state scale.

America is collapsing one city at a time. That’s why it’s so hard to see. It’s not collapsing like the great depression, where we could fix it with debt. It’s collapsing into Brazil, and for the same reasons:

It’s just genetic.

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