The First Secret Of Learning Propertarianism

Operational language in full sentences. All logics consists of some deflationary grammar that limits the structure of phrases, sentences, descriptions, and arguments, as well as the semantics (range of references you can use) to that which is empirical (observable).

First, prohibit the use of the verb to-be in all forms. The verb to-be allows you to pretend you understand what you do not.

Compose complete, fully-transactional sentences, in the form:

—Actor, acts upon X{}, causing changes in states Y{}, and therefore causing these externalities Z{}.—

This grammar reinforces the grammar of both economics and ethics: accounting for both the seen and unseen from the action to the totality of the consequences.

Operational language prevents loading, framing, and suggestion – and largely deceit by the use of language.

(start with reading about e-prime)

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