The Fourth Secret Of Learning Propertarianism.

Reciprocity is the only rational, ethical, moral, and evolutionarily possible, means of cooperation over the long term. Or put more honestly, it is the only means by which cooperation is preferable to predation, parasitism, enslavement.

Where reciprocity refers to productive, fully informed, warrantied, voluntary exchange, free of imposition of costs upon the investments of others by externality.

The more reciprocity, the faster cooperation, the greater the production, the more time we compress through cooperative production, the cheaper is every calorie we need not expend, and every calorie we consume.

In other words, we make everything cheaper by removing obstacles to cooperation. This form of reasoning is called ‘via-negativa’, and is the same reasoning common law of tort. But the opposite of justificationism (excuse making).

That is contrary to all human intuition, but it how science works: that which is false or ungood, is certain, but that which is not false and not bad, is just preference.

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