The Middle Eastern Condition

(From Elsewhere)

(a) what is the reason for the pre-ancient, ancient, late ancient, early medieval, and high medieval wealth in the fertile crescent?

(b) what was the relative condition (economic) of people in the ancient, early medieval, high medieval, late, and early modern periods. Meaning, how did life change from 500bc to 1200ad and why?

(c) why was the so called golden age possible? (was it even true for that matter?) It’s partly true. But why?

(d) Why were non-corrupt governments difficult to produce? Why are they STILL nearly impossible.

(e) Where did all the (various) treasury’s money come from?

(f) When did the decline start?

(g) Why was new technology difficult to produce?

(h) Why, once the technology was available, couldn’t it be adopted?

(i) Why, once the technology was available, why couldn’t the middle eastern world modernize?

***Small things in large numbers over long periods have vast consequences.***

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