The Third Secret Of Learning Propertarianism

Acquisitionism: All humans seek to acquire ‘experiences’ and those experiences consist entirely of reactions to the acquisition of opportunities for calories, discounts on calories, or calories. (Really).

When composing a sentence in operational grammar, express not emotions (which are not causal but reactions) and instead, the change in state of calories (assets, property, consumption) that the individual desires to obtain.

All psychology is an attempt at imposing guilt over violation of a feminine norm. Acquisitionism neutralizes the falsehoods in pseudoscience (psychology, sociology), and pseud-ethics (moral pretense), by illustrating that everyone is merely engaging in bargaining, and doing so by productive, fully informed, warrantied, exchange free of imposition of cost upon the investments of others – OR NOT.

I have listed all the things we wish to acquire elsewhere. If we have an emotional reaction, it is our pre-human mind’s judgement of gain or loss of calories (assets of all kinds). Period.

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