Were There White Slaves In The Us?

Indentured servitude is/was a contractual form of voluntary slavery, with exit , and indentured servants were a substantial part of the early colonies.

The sex-slave trade in white women was common, and was only finally outlawed in 1910.

All of these forms of slavery were extant from the earliest records in almost every agrarian civilization.

Take your pick:

SERIES: Undomesticated Human Animal > Chattel Slavery(Property) > Slavery(servitude) > Serfdom (partial independence) > Economic Slavery(Wage Labor) > Tax Slavery (Citizen)> Jurisdictional Slavery(Government) > “Cult” slavery(Religion).

Serfdom = Inability to exit taxation. Slavery=inability to exit, period.

We take credit for high mindedness, but the truth of the matter is, that slavery occurs out of economic necessity, and the reason it disappeared was the black plague, the early modern agrarian revolution, the early industrial revolution, and late industrial revolutions, that made it economically preferential to have employees and customers rather than slaves.

Rule of historical analysis: never assume people do things out of good nature. They do things because it’s feasible and they want to obtain virtue signals as means of displaying conspicuous consumption.

The human intuitionistic and biological accounting system is just status signals.

(Read Veblen)


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