What Are Physically Strongest And Weakest Races In The World?

That is a great question, but I don’t know … hmm.. Certainly Africans have the physique that evolved in harshest conditions requiring the greatest durability, and in all tests in the real world they are certainly the most durable. Certainly some native south americans have extraordinary cardiovascular capability. And as far as I know they are the strongest per cm of height. Certainly southeast asians appear to be the smallest and finest other than the Pygmies. I’ve seen massive strength from every gene pool. The greatest weight lifting isn’t a good measure because it appears to be a matter of training. And the training requires a certain kind of mind, and those minds are produced by cultures. So I would expect that definition of strength to come from ethnic anatolians-persians or ethnic germans-scandinavians-slavs. Arabs have been breeding with africans since they diverged from indo-iranians. But given their extreme poverty and lack of military tradition we haven’t seen them in the ranks of competitors.


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