Why Are Libertarians And Economists, Who Support Ludwig Von Mises’ Theories, So Ridiculed And Dismissed By Other Mainstream Economists?

Because it’s (a) it’s justified, and (b) anyone quoting mises or rothbard is a more than little like quoting Marx: ridiculous. Why? Mises created a pseudoscience. He had a basic insight he took from Simmel, and another he took from Weber, and he worked very hard to create an operational logic with which to test empirical statements.

You can read the full workup on facebook. I’ll eventually get it into book form but I have too much in progress and it’s too low on my priority list.

And yes I’m correct and I’ll debate anyone living. Even though Hoppe is the only one capable…

Go to Facebook, and search for ‘scientific.praxeology’.

The first article says ‘READ ME FIRST’. It’s the outline.



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