Why Are Whites Now Moving Back To The Cities As Opposed To The White Flight That Was Happening?

—-”Q: Why are whites now moving back to the cities as opposed to the white flight that was happening?”—-

I’m going to scare you.

  1. The big sort continues. (look it up)
  2. The nine nations of north america continue to form (look it up)
  3. American domestic empire’s economy is collapsing a city at a time. (look it up)
  4. People are fleeing to the only viable centers of remaining work (look it up)
  5. So we eliminated agrarianism by 1950.
    We eliminated heavy industry by 1990.
    We eliminated volume production by 2000.
    We eliminated clerical work by 2005.
    We exported technological innovation by 2010
    We are have rapidly automated (eliminated) service work since 2012

    We collapsed advertising nationwide.
    We are collapsing retail nationwide.
    We are even crashing the movie business

    We have increasingly financialized the economy from the founding of the FED (probably necessary in retrospect),
    Then under FDR,
    Then for the Petrodollar (Nixon),
    Then to defeat world communism (Reagan),
    Then to promote post-communism neoconservatism (Bush, Clinton),
    Then to the tech crash (Clinton, Bush),
    Then to islam’s replacement of Communism (Bush),
    Then to the financial crash (Obama),

    And now we have only land to sell to immigrants, and high tech, high tech manufacturing, and more finance.

    You must have underutilized capital to put credit to work.
    WE DON’T.

    Ergo we are powerless to adjust.

    So people are fleeing to cities when they are young because it is the only viable work with viable returns. They will, as soon as possible move to the suburbs when those cities that are now full of young labor, are just as saturated with rent seekers as the older cities are. (really).

    Economic and demographics.
    In the long run it’s just math.


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