Why Do Some Americans Call Europeans “communist”?

A lot of answers, but americans actually don’t know why everything european sounds ‘communist’.

  1. europeans trade opportunity for certainty. Americans and people who come to America trade certainty for opportunity.
  2. America was invented in modern language as a ‘third way’, between the aristocracy(authority) and the church(communism), by creating a middle class (entrepreneurial) order consisting of nothing but markets.
  3. American law, and our culture, and much of how americans think ‘differently’ is because we view exchanging certainty for opportunity as ‘limiting our freedoms’. All our wealth goes to people who are entrepreneurs (look it up, its the highest paying occupation). Anyone can become an entrepreneur here and everything is set up to assist you.
  4. In particular, our law is back-loaded. Meaning that there is nothing to constrain you up front, and we handle exceptions (failures) through litigation (expensively). This is one of the primary reasons for rates of american innovation. (It is nearly impossible to do business in europe compared to america. I still have a UK company and it’s one hundred times more expensive and difficult for absolutely no reason.) Continental law is front loaded in the old (French) tradition, and this, and the heavy taxation serve as a barrier to innovation – especially technical innovation. In this sense, European law evolved out of bureaucracy and into high capital which is possible to organize in the Germanic countries.
  5. Everyone talks about medical care and this is chimera. The problem is that we haven’t modernized our laws to prevent medical bankruptcy, and provided catastrophic care. Why? BECAUSE YOU CAN GET IT HERE FAST instead of waiting, and we don’t want to lose that. We have medicaid and medicare and EVERYONE can get health care. Our medicine is more expensive because there is more of it, it is faster, it is better. We don’t want to lose that. (Spoken as someone who has endured the arcane british system). So we need to revise our laws, and increase catastrophic care. But supplying more of an expensive good leads to its abuse and overconsumption.


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