Why Has There Been So Much Debate Recently About Race And Iq?

Because only Europeans and East Asians have reduced the size of their underclasses sufficiently to produce advanced civilizations – and even so, the east asians still fell prey to bureaucracy and stagnation in the absence of rule of law(empiricism), markets(empiricism), and science(empiricism) in addition to the chinese predilection for political lying (deny and delay), predilection for lying in order to preserve face, and the endemic familial corruption they still practice, and catastrophic legal system.

The rest of the planet has not reduced the size of their underclasses.

The size of your underclass determines group hostile to your race, subrace, cult(religion), tribe, and clan.

The reason being that behavioral norms are determined by the median of the population.

We rarely see criticism of the immigration of cognitive elites – all of whom practice some form of aristotelianism(empiricism), and out of necessity, adhere to rule of tort law. (although there are exceptions).

So westerners have spent thousands of years ridding ourselves of underclass, and downward pressure from the middle classes, the young and the old to fill underclass roles, yet most ‘immigrants’ are from the underclasses, and violate our middle class norms, traditions, values – and worse, they vote for the democrats AGAINST our middle class norms, traditions, and values.

The left has achieved through underclass immigration and the destruction of the family what it could not achieve through their ideas.


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