Why Is The Middle East So Mystic?

If I told you the correct answer I’d probably be banned for ‘unpleasant but true speech’, but
1) it has a significant genetic component,
2) as well as demographic,
3) as well as cultural .
But let’s say it always has been this way.

If I ask you to look up IQ by country. And then ask you to look up literacy by country. And then look up the number of books translated in that country. And then look up academic publications by country. And then if I ask you to look up the IQ demographics for religious, moral, legal, western-philosophical, and scientific classes. And then ask you to look up the content of the language, laws, narratives, and marital structures.

What you can’t (readily) look up is the distribution of (psychotic)female-to-male(autistic) brain structures and therefore personality traits by IQ, Nation, Race, Subrace, and Class. What is harder to look up is the degree of neoteny or its reversal by race and subrace. And it’s somewhat difficult to look up how neoteny or its opposite, can work in both male and female directions. Because it will take you months to put together all the research from all the different sources.

And what you might find is that:
a) small things in large numbers make vast differences.
b) that IQ and industriousness pretty much produce deterministic distributions.
c) countries have to govern for the middle of the population and the further than number is below IQ105 the worse it gets.
d) The underclasses (below 105) are 5 to 6 times as costly as the upper classes are productive(above 120), and are an outright burden as the number decreases.
e) That the middle east has the worst of all conditions, which is high population density of many competing tribes with high genetic ‘clannishness’ through centuries of inbreeding, as well as pervasive poverty, as well as centuries of ignorance, a justification of ignorance, the habituation of impulsiveness, none to little concept of objective scientific truth as we understand it, a primitive poetic language lacking operational grammar and semantics.

Just how it is.


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