Why The Progressives Fail – But We Cannot Let Them Create Another Levantine Abrahamic Disaster In The West. Revolt And Separate.

—“In functioning Parliamentary Democracies, “loss of supply” is a very rare event that immediately triggers a general election. The equivalent crisis in your tinpot Presidential System may play out quite differently.”— Kieran

It has however, been a bulwark against the same creeping soviet-ization that has occurred in europe. Our country was designed to prohibit political activism, and demand all change by the private sector empirically by choice rather than ideally by force. A frozen gov’t is a good.

—“If your premise is “government by the people, but not for the people” maybe”— Renee

If your premise is, that the people engage in temporal folly that produces intertemporal catastrophe (which is empirically, the case), then, I agree to allow the fools to govern their way (capital consumption), and the rest of us intertemporally (capital accumulation).

Hence the optimum, and ONLY MORAL proposition is to separate and let consumption run its course, while those of us accumulate capital and watchy you turn the ‘third way’ into the levantine way, just as christianity and islam did, and marxism postmodernism attempt to.

Ergo, civil war is preferable to being dragged down into the levant, the desert and steppe, southern europe, south america, and india.Some of us prefer (wisely) to take the east asian path to survival and evolution rather than dysgenia. Thanks. It’s all math. And your side loses.

Empirically, and this is unavoidable, you are headed to mirror brazil, the levant, arabia, and india. There are only two extreme strategies: dysgenia (your model) or eugenia (the northern european model) of many small homogenous polities competing in a market preserving both.

It is always difficult to debate with the unsophisticated, but those unsophisticated with immoral sensibilities, and dysgenic strategies, are insufficiently rational (meaning evolved human). As such compromise is impossible, and separation necessary.

The evidence of the 20th century experiment is in. it’s a failure. For the very reason that democracy and socialism have always been failures: the inability to prevent consumption to the point of maximum rents that produces inability to adapt to shocks.

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