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—“Curt Doolittle thoughts on the Dutch?”—

They started with a post-pastoralist, migration period ,north sea gene pool untouched by urbanization (urbanization is dysgenic due to lower cost of opportunities. Cities are a trade-off).

They started the organized application of manorialism first, and were at it the longest (commons). (And in some sense northern europeans seem to have practiced some variation on manorialism at least back to the corded ware era.)

They built necessary and survival-dependent commons early (technology and commons).

They built a dominant trading state with a tiny population and small territory using a navy (technology and commons )

They produced some of the finest arts in the late medieval and early modern world (technological innovation in the arts).

They avoided the problems of immigration despite their tolerance and trade. (Heavy normative demands)

And as far as I know they were (until immigration) the best gene pool on earth for having done so. (see height and skull size)

They have taken the pathetic disease of postwar virtue signaling to extremes and committed suicide.

(I would live there but I’d be in jail for violating the speed limit so often. I build up hundreds of dollars of tickets every time I go there. lol)

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