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—“Just like ‘intelligent design’ vs ‘evolution’ …. why limit yourself to just one?”— Tristan Roberts

“Truth vs Lie, That is why.”

The universe is deterministic in that it consists of invariant and therefore non-discretionary rules. Intention of any kind requires discretion.

As far as I know the universe consist of a single something in different stages of excitement, the combination of which produces.

One is existential (descriptive), and the other is a fiction (analogy). One is possible (permutations on frequencies), and one isimpossible (cognition would need to arise from ‘somewhere else’ other than the deterministic consequences of the universe itself.

Even the periodic exterminations on the planet are the result of passing thru the higher density of the galactic median.

The primary advancement in all human thought is to replace our intuition of discretion with mere determinism of constitution.

But people want their comforting lies for very obvious reasons.

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