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AI in its current condition consists of bayesian learning which outperforms humans at incremental improvement of repetitive and persistent tasks. And while we humans can adapt faster outside the scope of the ‘grammar’ of the AI’s ability to act, it can adapt faster and more precisely to grammars within its ability to act.

You can worry about capitalism but you cannot escape it and still survive. You can worry about war but you cannot escape it and still survive. You can worry about the market for virtue signaling, but it is nothing but a means of persuading yourself and others to do nothing while markets, wars, genetics, proceed to conquer you.

The only solution to markets is out-competition. And evolution, economics, and war are just markets bound the the same natural laws. He who cheats moral rules wins an advantage. Which is why evolution preserved both moralizing and cheating: to keep moralisms (the rules of cooperation) empirical, rather than ‘ideal’ or ‘fantastical’.

AI, Robots, Machines that can sense, think, and act, faster than we can will come because they are a profound competitive advantage in the evolutionary market.

Eugenics that eliminate the underclasses allowing better cooperation and concentration of calories at lower costs, will come, because it is a competitive advantage in the evolutionary marketplace.

Man only cooperates while it is rational. It is only rational when we are relatively equal. When we are relatively unequal, cooperation is not beneficial but an impediment.

Animists, Platonists, Abrahamists of all kinds, both ancient and modern, plus the folly of ‘liberated’ women, have attempted to reverse the aristocratic revolution of reason, technology, low reproduction, and high investment parenting.

But the reason for the success of east and west was, in the chinese case, prosecuting and destroying abrahamism or any variant thereof, and the reason for the success of the west was prior to abrahamism and after we defeated abrahamism, combined with eugenic evolution.

But abrahamism is back in Jewish-Marxist-pseudoscientific/Christian-Postmodern-irrational/Muslim-fundamentalism, and some semblance remains in Hindu old-world effeminacy (oversensitivity disruption of the status quo).

Harmony and christianity forgiveness ,are excellent social strategies but they are terrible political and group evolutionary strategies/ The same is true for the ethics of the family and the ethics of the polity. The same is true for the economics of the family and the economics of the polity.

There exist no conditions under which monopoly (consensus) on non-evolution succeeds if there is one soul who seeks to alter the status quo.

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