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by James Santagata

Socio-Political Insight…

If one follows the Propertarian argument that (a) the West was already great and that through this greatness, the West made the alien religion of Christianity great (rather than the narrative that Christianity saved and made the West great) and (b) Christianity is a slave religion / religion for slaves to remove both truth and agency – the ability to act on truth and that (c) Christian imposed a false “moral universalism” on people and that (d) all peoples filter along lines of genes and though that kin and express themselves through culture and that land is acquired and held then a few fascinating conclusions can be drawn that things are about to unravel quickly as we know it:

1. In the West, Cultural Marxism grew so fast and came to be so deadly because Christianity was the dominate religion and mandated a slave mentality – forgive them, turn the other cheek, don’t be like that.

2. And the idea of a nation vs genes and kin, meant that even if the Genes are Selfish (per Dawkins) there was a powerful driver psychologically that we were “all Americans” or “British”, etc.

3. And that most people misunderstood that morality is a duality — one morality for ingroup and one for outgroup (primarily from the moral universalism dictated by Christianity).

Why does that matter?

Well, the very weaknesses of Western Culture that allowed this Marxism to grow, has actually been KILLED by Marxism.

1. Christianity or pure Slave Christianity is dead in a core part of the population. Those folks are free to act and in looking to fill their need for religion are returning to pagan religions or ancestor worship. Marxism would never survive against a Vlad the Impaler type but would against a Boomer Christian type. In fact it would thrive under Boomer Christians and it did.

2. As the idea of a nation is ripped apart, people still need to be a part of something – and with the left’s identity politics, they have overnight created their worst enemy of a nationless people, dispossessed who are seeking a home — and without Christianity — so they are looking inward to their genes, kin, their ancestors and their progeny.

3. With this identity politics and tribalism coupled with end of Christianity, well now the universal morality melts away.

So in summary, Marxism has been so effective in killing the west, that Marxist efforts have removed the psychological handcuffs on conservatives, primarily the slave psychology of Christianity, with the results being, no more nice guy, no more turning check — threats of you will burn in hell are laughed at as people think, I will be dining in Valhalla. Moral universalism is dead and everything is now about genes, race, ethnicities and tribes.

It will get very ugly soon.

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