All Races Can Transcend

Look at the faces of young San children, and the answer to the origins of both asians and whites is fairly obvious. Pedomorphism. Look at the faces of the rest of africa, and the answer is equally obvious: continuous degrees of the opposite: deeper maturity.

Great apes, like all mammals, have white skin. We lose our body hair in order to increase our heat dissipation so that we can run and walk great distances, We had to develop dark skin. Humans can outrun every creature on earth. Not as fast. But longer. Watch the Masai run across the horizon and understand why we defeated all other creatures. A group of men who can run with spears is defeatable only by other men with spears. Then, As we lived along the ice, and required vitamin d, and where the pedomorphism was possible (it’s reproductively desirable) the process reversed.

Today we are the same. Members of my family (northern european) have skin that is extremely white, blue eyes, and brown, red, and blond hair. Some africans are very very dark with strong thick skin. And the rest of humanity covers the spectrum in between.

I have been saying for years now that while there are definitely differences in verbal acuity across the races of man, and that perhaps this verbal acuity is the principle evolutionary advantage, the only material differences between us are the size of our underclasses vs our upper classes. Because we are prisoners of norms, and norms are of necessity an expression of the mean.

All homo sapiens sapiens peoples can transcend.

The problem is, that doing so, requires eugenic reproduction. And the far east and the far west were successful at eugenic reproduction and everyone else wasn’t.

Not by making people better. But by cutting the ‘bad’ people from the polity (herd).

We are compatible among our best, but incompatible among our worst, and it is our worst that kin groups will not tolerate. We tolerate our own worst kin. But we do not tolerate the worst of those who are not kin.

We are very simple animals really.

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