Does Libertarianism Require A Higher Than Average Level Of Social Capital In Order To Work On A Large Scale?

Social Capital, like ‘social justice’ is a notoriously suspect term. But I’m going to assume you mean:

1 – Language, Manners, Ethics, Morals (intergenerational norms),

And that in addition you MAY be referring to:

2- Traditions, laws, myths, histories, sciences (intergenerational decidability), and informal and formal institutions (intergenerational institutions).

And that you are NOT referring to:

3 – genetic advantage either (a) universally such as jewish and western verbal ability or east asian short term memory ability, or (b) a beneficial distribution (near extermination of the underclasses in Western, Ashkenazi, Han/Korean/Japanese populations, producing a higher mean distribution)

As far as I know the independent polity must raise its median IQ over 105, and as close to 115 as possible in order to make a libertarian polity possible if for no other reason than the institutions and methods of decidability that are possible for such people without the high cost of the underclasses.

Or stated another way, a population with a median IQ above 112–115 would find other than ‘libertarian’ laws unnecessary, where those below 100 increasingly find authority and fixed rules necessary.

So I would say that any population desirous of Freedom(managed), Liberty (by permission), and sovereignty(in fact), would be much more dependent upon genetic capital than normative capital.

The simple reason being that one can adopt behaviors by simply imposing laws to prohibit undesirable alternatives – as we largely do today. But that no imposition of law upon insufficient genetic capital will allow high trust norms and traditions to form.

Western man must abandon the fallacies of christianity. We excelled because we eliminated our underclasses through manorialism, aggressive prosecution, disease and war. Our civilization is entirely eugenic, using ‘markets in everything’ from family, to production, to commons, to polities. And we succeeded by profiting from the domestication (eugenic) of man. And that we have reversed that trend over the past century and a half – and we are currently paying the costs of it. And immigration has made it far worse.

What is the cost of 1pt of IQ? It is the highest cost commons that man can produce, and the most beneficial.

Curt Doolittle
the Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine

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