Every Kin Group Seeks Supremacism

(a) White Supremacism – like Jewish supremacism, Russian Supremacism, Muslim Supremacism, Hindu Supremacism, Chinese Supremacism, and Japanese supremacism, is a demonstration of kin selection. However white supremacism is by our intellectual, scientific, technological, normative, social, and political rates achievement in both the ancient and modern worlds, and our lack of similar rapid advancement in the Abrahamic Dark Age.
(b) We have known that man has continuously whitened in the northern climates for years – just as he has continuously darkened in african climes.
(c) We have known for years the process of ‘whitening’ began 20k years ago – and has been reversing since white people internlinked the world through rapid transportation during the age of sail.
(d) We have known for the past few years that the Yamna expansion did not integrate but replaced prior generations of proto europeans with modern european-indo-iranians.
(e) we are discovering through genetic analysis that our superiority is biological: we have succeeded at greater pedomorphic evolution by variation in endocrine expression during in utero, ex utero, and later development, and the lifelong expressions of that pedomorphism – which is why we have lower testosterone, are more tolerant, less clannish, and are the highest trust people on earth, and the only people to develop a high trust, territorial, capital intensive, commons-intensive, civilization. Period.
And all kin groups, whether tribe, nation, or race, seek their superiority as an expression of evolutionary necessity –
without which groups would not identify opportunities to exploit and evolve to seize them.
The Marxist-postmodern pseudo-scientific century is over. Man is no different from any other animal in that breeds express genetic traits. And all we see between abrahamic and western arguments, is the scientific western male evolutionary, and the rhetorical female devolutionary expressions of those genes.
What has happened is that while it has taken seventy years of hard work, despite active suppression of academic research SCIENCE has proven us right, and we are armed with that science. And that is the reason we are winning.
Because western man originated science, and remains scientific if for no other reason than his origins are technological: expansion through the combination of horse, wheel, bronze, language, and truthful (empirical) testimony.
No More Dark Ages. The First Abrahamic equalitarian counter-enlightenment caused a thousand year dark age and so far 500M lives.
The Second Abrahamic Egalitarian Counter-Enlightenment begins with Rousseau, to Kant and the Continental School, to Marx, Freud, Boaz, Cantor, and the Frankfurt School, and back to the french for the Postmodern and Feminist School – with nothing but Counter-evidence, Counter-history, Counter-Truth, Counter-Reason, and outright propagandism and lying.
We will succeed at defeating the Second Abrahamic Dark Age, in its marxist-communist pseudoscientific, postmodern-equalitarian pseudo-rational, and Islamic theological (magical) school.
We will do so by demonstrating our SUPERIORITY in Truth, Reason, Science, Technology, Law, Institutions, Norms, and traditions. Because in the end our tradition is truth and correspondence with reality – and that, and our genes, are our competitive advantage. An advantage unequalled among the tribes, nations, and races.
Curt Doolittle,
The Propertarian Institute,
Kiev Ukraine

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  1. The findings of Haak and Allentoft (and others) suggest that the Yamnaya and closely related populations may have replaced almost all the paternal lineages in some Northern European populations, especially among the Celts and Northern Slavs which are very high in R1b an R1a, respectively; however, it is also well established that Northern Europeans also have significant autosomal contribution from earlier Neolithic and Mesolithic Europeans. This may suggest that the Yamnaya expansion was quite violent, Neolithic European women may have been taken by force, and the men killed or excluded from reproduction in some other way; the Y-chromosomal haplogroup G2a, which was common throughout Neolithic Europe is now very rare in the North where Yamnaya contributed the greatest admixture.

    • For what it’s worth, there is a clear genetic distinction between “Indo-Europeans” and “Nordics.” While I’m sure that Mr. Doolittle is aware of this, most readers are probably not.
      The best research indicates that the ancestors of Nordics were probably of Y haplogroup IJ* and migrated to Europe tens of thousands of years ago, living in habitable zones during the Ice age.
      Long before the Indo-Europeans ever migrated to the west from the Yamna and related lands, Nordics had already become their own “race” or “sub-race,” identifiable by Y haplogroup I1a, as well as strong tendencies towards dolichocephaly and ectomorphism.
      This stands in clear distinction to the R1a and R1b of Indo-Europeans, as well as their general endo-mesomorphism (just think about a 6’4” Indo-European Viking of 275Lb+ standing next to a 6’4” Nordic of 185Lb, and the distinction becomes clear).

      The populations of Scandinavian countries generally reflect a fairly even split among I1a, R1a, and R1b, indicating that the natives were able to resist the newcomers to some degree. However, there has obviously been a large degree of interbreeding between the two (or three) groups over the past 5-6k years.

      • Yes, that is correct. And I’ve written about this quite a bit. According to my undrestanding, the horse culture bisected the three previous generations of west eurasians, isolating the I’s north and south, each of which continued it’s evolutionary progress from that point forward. We see total replacement of previous generations maximizing I think in the british isles, and central europe, leaving remnants of the atlantics along the coasts. But Yamna civilization (Aryanism) replaced all cultures of europe. So there is a difference between Total Replacement, Partial replacement and integration, and no-replacemnt, only cultural replacement, and as far as I know nothing else.

        The primary evolutionary progress appears to have been on the east end of the north sea-balitics, and the admixture of finn-north asians, nordics, slavs, and germanics in that area seems to have been the distribution point (export of genes from today’s poland seems fairly dominant).

        Thanks for the comment. I’m sorry I didn’t see it sooner.

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