Hoppe’s Work

(from elsewhere)

TOCAS is Hoppe’s best work. It is before he is overly affected by Rothbard. Like all Hoppe’s work, he is at his best in the study, description, and articulation of general rules of human incentives, and reduction of all of ethics to statements of property – even though he fails to make the connection between via positiva property, with via-negativa Reciprocity. He solves social science making the same mistake as Kant, Hegel, Marx, and Mises – verbalisms, rather than empiricisms. Unfortunately as a German (Rationalist), educated by Marxists (Justificationists), and overly influenced by Rothbard (Fictionalist), he favors his rational insights (which are false) instead of following his original, purely operational, insights into the application of economics to politics. Mises discovered operationalism in the only field in which it mattered (math does not need it, and physics has already adopted it), and turned his (and his generation’s) intuition into a rationalist pseudoscience. Rothbard again ran with the justificationary rationalism of Jewish Law, and finally, hoppe improved upon rothbard with more rigorousness rather than appeals to optimistic moral intuition. We stand on the shoulders of Giants. But these giants are often more flawed than perfect.

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