Is It Better For A Woman To Have An Iq Of 140 Or Above And Be Average Looking Or Less, Or To Have An Exceptional Physical Beauty That Defies Age With An Iq Of 100?

It’s actually the wrong question. It is better to have fewer defects than to have extraordinary advantages.


  • After a family makes 100K a year (50k each), they do not get happier with more income.
  • After an individual has an IQ above 105 they do not get happier with more.
  • After an individual has average looks (Sexual Market Value), they do not get happier with more –
  • The women who have the most children are 5?4? tall, brunette, fit, have average intelligence, and ‘femininity’. (Because men will sacrifice more for them).
  • There is a 20% premium in income and happiness on ‘primping, preening, and fitness’. Dress well, primp and preen, stay fit.
  • Women have higher sexual market value when young that continually declines unless they develop what used to be called ‘grace’. Men have higher sexual market value if they age as long as they produce even a little income, remain fit, and practice good grooming. Unfortunately women have a much easier time fitting in to changes in social arrangements and men a much harder time adapting to changes in social arrangements. Unfortunately men absorb nearly all the cellular damage on behalf of women and children – and have shorter life spans because of it.
  • There is a significant correlation between avoiding debt and happiness. Do not chase virtue signals or conspicuous consumption signals. The only ‘unnecessary’ expense should be living where you’re around ‘better’ neighbors.
  • There is a significant correlation between high intelligence and unhappiness. Grouchy old smart people are not an illusion. They’re frustrated that the children are running with social, political, and economic scissors.
  • Happiness is generally the result of family, friendship, and organizational relationships.

ie: if you are asking whether it’s going to make you happier or not, it is evidently far better to be at least average looking, stay fit, groomed, and dressed, have a balanced personality, and average intelligence, than it is to be exceptionally intelligent.

But more importantly, the underlying answer is that it is better to have few disadvantages, than to have ay particularly advantage.

(Women (unfortunately) compete with other women – and not with men. Everything they do is to increase or maintain their status with other women. This is why women generally destroy each other in organizations – through hen pecking (gossip). Why? Men only want to know their place in line. Women are always frustrated and petulant if they are not at the head of the line. This psychological quirk explains most of women’s behavior in private, public, and politics. Women poison wells with gossip. Everywhere in society. )

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