Is It Possible To Imagine A Pure Economic Action Independent Of Politics?

Well, Zachary Taylor is largely correct:

Undoubtedly you will get answers explaining how property rights and other institutions are themselves political arrangements, and therefore all economics is in fact political.

The reasons being:

  • Military refers to an organization for the purpose of the creation of a monopoly commons – by denying alternative organizers and organizations of commons.
  • Politics refers to Cooperation for the Purpose of Producing and maintaining Commons.
  • Economics refers to the study of cooperation at all scales, the same way that Tort(Law Proper, not Command, Legislation, and Regulation) refers to the study of cooperation for the purpose of conflict resolution at all scales – by suppressing murder, harm, theft, fraud, free riding, conspiracy within the commons.
  • Informal Institutions refers to the study of institutions of cooperation and in particular intergeneration transmission of cooperation using the (expensive) commons that exist.

I find it is most useful to teach people to think in series like this so that they understand how everything we do ties together into how to organize populations.

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