Our Kin Are Only As Old As The Enlightenment

Please think about this very seriously and try to understand what it means to be ‘european’. We are so closely related it’s actually ‘odd’ that we don’t look even more alike. Everything that comes out only serves to confirm that europe has undergone a series of genetic miracles because of our upwardly redistributive social order.

–“The most recent common ancestor of every European today (except for recent immigrants to the Continent) was someone who lived in Europe in the surprisingly recent past—only about 600 years ago. In other words, all Europeans alive today have among their ancestors the same man or woman who lived around 1400. Before that date, according to Chang’s model, the number of ancestors common to all Europeans today increased, until, about a thousand years ago, a peculiar situation prevailed: 20 percent of the adult Europeans alive in 1000 would turn out to be the ancestors of no one living today (that is, they had no children or all their descendants eventually died childless); each of the remaining 80 percent would turn out to be a direct ancestor of every European living today.”–


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