Polls And The People Who Answer Them

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Um. And what have we learned about polls over the past 18 years?

And what have we learned about reported belief, vs demonstrated action?

So what has been the consequence of political correctness?

Divergence between statement and action.

People still act in their interests. Always

–“His point is that he suspects there is a difference between how a person tells you they will vote vs how they actually vote. This discrepancy being a key driver of poll inaccuracy; certainly could be a key factor.”–

1 – (The others being (a) cost of access phone calls, in an era where decreasing numbers of us have them, more of us screen calls, or just hand up on polling. and (b) that there is a high correlation between the category of people who respond to polls and those that don’t. …

2 – … (c) the kind of people who respond to polls have time to do so which is a charitable way of saying people who have agency don’t waste their time. …

3 – … The price of political correctness (institutionalizing lying) is that people don’t tell the truth. As expected. And so just as people began to systematically lie under soviet imposed falsehoods, Americans have begun to lie about postmodernist’s imposed falsehoods.

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