Postmodern Criticism From The Losers On The Hard Right

–“Existential aesthetics provide us with a means of orientation from which we may construct a system of values.”– A Young Male

Can you explain that?

Because “existential aesthetics” sounds like a pretense.

You can say that producing high arts the combine craftsmanship, design(aesthetic representation of ‘bounty’), and reference (history or myth), can assist in the constant reinforcement of the means of decision making contained in the mythos.

You can say that creating myths and fictions allow the immature mind to fantasize rather than achieve. And the fool to participate in the throng. Sure.

But ‘existential aesthetics’ needs to refer to SOMETHING existential in order to exist as ‘existential’.

Because “means of orientation” sounds like a pretense. I think you mean, “means of preferring, choosing, deciding” in a kaleidic universe beyond your perception cognition and reason.

Because “construct a system of values” can only mean a repetition of ‘means of orientation’.

So I can only translate the phrase as “I need a mythology that bypasses reason, so that I can find a means of preferences, choices, goods, and decidability, so that I can have a means of preferences, choices, goods, and decidability.”

I don’t begrudge the female for her lack of agency, because of her inability to exit the influence of her hormones.

I don’t begrudge the young male for his lack of agency, because of his inability to exit the influence of his hormones.

I don’t begrudge the poor for their lack of agency due to genetic, familial, class and class inferiorities – I seek to create institutions that assist them.

I don’t begrudge the inferior because of their cultural, economic, and political limitations – I seek to help them form institutions that assist them.

I don’t begrudge the socially inadequate because they are undesirable friends, undesirable mates, undesirable employees, and unprofitable members of the polity – I seek to prevent them from doing harm – and pursue satisfaction despite their inadequacies.

However, I begrudge the genetically, personally, socially, economically, and politically inadequate from any pretense of superiority in false criticism of me, my achievements, or my work in progress as a means of generating pretense of criticism, pretense of superiority – when the very argument they use to do so is because they are by definition demonstrating inferiority by their demands.

It is not a criticism to claim that Transcendence is insufficient for the inadequate. Itis an aristocratic value system, precisely because it needs no comforting lies.

Weak, unaccomplished, undesirable males are not interesting if they, like women and children need fairy stories.

Men act to transform the world by their will, for no other reason than reward for themselves, for their kin, and for their allies in doing so. And storytelling is the organizational model for liars, frauds, and priests.

Business is organized by knowledge and wealth.

Man is organized by law and power.

Everyone else, is just sheep. (Or in this case LARPERS).

(The right is full of losers.)

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