Public Apology

Some fellow named Insula Qui, who I know nothing about, repeatedly asked for time, and I’ve missed the previous meetings because they were too late at night. This time he set up

I don’t have a lot of control over my environment here in the states. And the primary reason I’m still here rather than ukraine, is that my mother is quite ill, and more so than she let any of us in the family know.

So this morning she had a significant episode, and I missed our third attempt.

I didn’t so much care about this discussion as that it was moderated by TruDilTom who does know quite a bit about logic, and this would have been an opportunity to address the justification vs falsification vs competition between operationalism and falsificationism as the fundamental problem of rationalist thinking from plato and the abrahamists’ forward – and to have that context in a non-abstract format.

I feel that I have exhausted the value of online discourse but this would have been an exceptional learning opportunity for everyone.

So I apologize to Insula Qui, to TruDilTom, and to the community for failing everyone.


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