The Answer To The Restoration In A Nutshell

When european women obtained their ‘freedom’ via the mechanical innovations of men, the ballot by the permission of men, and birth control by the scientific innovations of men, they put their efforts not into mechanical and scientific innovations, but to attack men, the church, and did so using the ballot and state. And when American women did so, likewise they did not seek achievement, but to attack – but lacking the church or the nobility they attacked men in general.

They destroyed our boys, our schools, our families, and our government – and now western civilization, by the ballot, and their near monopoly on consumption.

Men create nearly everything, but women consume nearly everything.

Our experiments with democracy rather than rule of law of reciprocity and markets in everything, capitalism rather than rule of law of reciprocity, feminism instead of contractual relations under the rule of law of reciprocity, and free speech, rather than a market for law(reciprocity) order, goods, services, and information.

We have seen four European enlightenments that have dragged mankind out of ignorance, superstition, hard labor, poverty, disease, early death, and the deceptions of Priests and Tyrants.

1-Early Aryan/Seas – Truth @2000-1500bc.
2- Ancient Mediterranean Sea – Reason 600bc to 100ad, and
3-Late Medieval Atlantic Ocean – Empiricism, 1200ad to 1700ad, and
4-Truncated Germanic Scientific Enlightenment – science 1830-1940ad
5- The heavily-resisted information revolution. currently in progress.

The First Aryan Enlightenment of truth was opposed by the creation of organized religion as a means of resisting the invention of aristocracy.

The Second Aryan Enlightenment of reason was opposed by the creation of monotheistic and abrahamic deception.

The Third Aryan Enlightenment produced weath that all groups sought to oppose by creating create pseudo moral narratives by which they could privatize those technological gains.

The Fourth Aryan Enlightenment produced wealth that all groups sought political power by which they could privatize those technological gains.

However, each of those opportunities for parasitic gains by various means of deception, were created by a single Aryan technology: Sovereignty which requires Rule of Law of Reciprocity > Empirical (operational) Truth > Jury and produces markets in everything as a result: association, cooperation, reproduction, production of goods services and information(markets), production of commons (govt as market), and king as judge of last resort.

Western civilization can function only if it is homogenous and high trust. No other people have demonstrated an ability to produce such Civilizations of such creativity and innovation with exclusive reliance on markets governed by the limits of reciprocity that we call natural law.


Why? we do not limit markets to consumption of our most precious asset: our genes, and our civilization.

In this sense, markets not limited to natural law are just as suicidal as any other form of hyperconsumption.

By restoration of the single law of reciprocity that we call natural law, and the prohibition on the imposition of costs upon all forms of capital, including, genetic, cultural, and traditional. And most importantly, by extension of the demand for warranty of due diligence from goods and services, to speech (information). Free truthful speech is one thing. Free False Speech is not. And we now have the ability to determine whether speech is warrantied against ignorance, error, bias, and deceit.

we must restore Defamation, LIbel and slander, and we must extend defamation, libel and slander protections to Sovereignty, Reciprocity, and Truth. That would allow us to prosecute Gossip, Rallying, Shaming – the tool used by women, the abrahamists, and the underclasses who are too incompetent to contribute to markets.

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