The Cult Of Non-Submission

The chinese don’t even consider judaism/christianity/islam as meaningful. They look at the truthful things – even if truth is nearly impossible for them. They will us it whenever possible to gain competitive advantage.

While the chinese place no value on human life and too much value on face (preservation of the dominance hierarchy), the are worthwhile competitors, as are the Japanese and the Koreans.

Western man loves a competitor. The problem is, that we are being invaded and undermined from within, while they are not.

We are fighting a two front war. The one for leadership against the east asians, and the one for leadership of our own against our Jewish and Catholic underclass priesthoods.

And unfortunately, while we love a good competition with a quality competitor – nothing is more thrilling. We do not like whatsoever, being undermined by our own, and those whom we allow in our domain.

No more tolerance. Ever. Zero Tolerance for Submission.

What is western man? What is aristocracy, but the Cult of Non-Submission?

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