The Humility And Wisdom Of Conservatives

Conservative just aren’t arrogant. We rely on the empirical result of markets of voluntary cooperation at every scale from the personal mind, to the interpersonal relation, to the the reproductive and familial, to the civic, to the national, to the international, to the civilizational, to the Racial, to the evolution of mankind – as living, working, and reproducing in concert with the universe such that man can become the gods he imagines.

The operational name of conservatism is Aristocracy, and the means of decision by Aristocracy is Empiricism, and empiricism means nothing other than ‘surviving competition in all markets, whether evolutionary, physical, logical, rational, or preferential.

Priests, Public Intellectuals, Academics, Socialists, and women can afford to be idalists because they do not warranty the outcomes of their actions, and seek profit on snake oil future that they do not warranty.

Kings, Warriors, Entrepreneurs, Engineers, and men, cannot afford to be idealists, because they explicitly and implicitly warranty their actions.

If we required people warranty their display, speech, and deeds as we did prior to the marxist/postmodernists, then we would not have experienced the dysgenia and collapse of western civilization by the second abrahamic counter-revolution. The last time by the (((lies))) of supernaturalism, and this time by the (((lies))) of pseudoscience and pseudo-rationalism.

They destroyed the aristocratic roman empire by not suppressing the lies of abrahamism version one: judaism, christianity, and islam) And letting spread dysgenia and ignorance at massive scales.

They are destroying the aristocratic western empire once again, by abrahamism version two: pseudoscience, pseudo rationalism, and dysgenic reproduction and immigration.

Truth, Wealth, Evolution, and Eugenics, or (((Lies))), Poverty, Devolution, and Dysgenia.

We cannot let (((them))) bring about the Third Dark Age of Man, by yet another counter-enligthenment, and counter-revolution, against aristocracy, truth, science, and reason, by the creation of monopolies.

Monopoly government.
Monopoly genetics.
Monopoly thought.

Let a thousand nations bloom.
And kill every soul that resists their blossoming.

Curt Doolittle
The Propertarian Institute
Kiev, Ukraine.

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