They Matter: Species, Breed, Race, Civilization

The terms Species(undomesticated animals), Breed(domesticated animals), Race/Subrace/Tribe/Class/Clan (Humans), and Civilization/Nation/Country/Polity(organization) evolved in different disciplines in order to differentiate morphological, behavioral, intellectual, and preferential differences.

The point of demarcation in Species is for the purpose of defining group membership including morphological, behavioral, social and reproductive membership. The point of demarcation in breeds is for the preservation of common traits. The point of demarcation in races, subraces, and tribes is to PRESERVE COMMON TRAITS, because yes, those traites are an advantage. Why? because we differ in 1) neotonic development, male-famale behavioral and cognitive bias, and most importantly – the relative sizes of the classes and therefore the distribution of NORMS produces the greatest difference.

If race had no meaning, people would not VOTE on racial lines, mate on racial lines, work on racial lines, associate on racial lines, and do so increasingly as our sexual, social, economic, and political, market value increases.

Most of us live our lives within three degrees of relations, and an insignificant number of outliers do not.

SO yes, scientifically humans universally act by race, subrace, tribe, clan, class, and gender, and the only people who say otherwise are those who promote pseusoscienc ein order to achieve by propaganda and deceit what they cannot achieve by truth, science, and voluntary organization of markets.

We ACT as if their are races, and have acted as such throughout all of human history. The fact that at the margins its beneficial to reproduce, trade, and associate cross kinship lines is simple what every creature does to cooperate and reproduce in the market for secual, social, and productive competition.

There are only two paths: ethnic and national plurality which produces continuously competitive evolutionary markets for all, or ethnic and political MONOPOLY producing DYSGENIC reproduction.

There is a reason why India, the Levant, central asia, Africa, South America, and the pacific islands cannot reach standards of living we see in east asia and western europe.


Dirty secret of western civlization is that the primary reason for our success is that between 700 and the enlightenment we killed off our underclasses with rapid prosecution and manorialism.


And in the era we are entering, where the low hanging fruits of the capture of long chains of hydrocarbons has been put to use mobilizing any and all underutilized human capital, and where technological advantage is evaporated in a few years, the marginal differences between the wealthy and the poor will be nothing more than the demographics of the polity.
And it cannot be otherwise.

Every person at the bottom is six times as much of a drag as every person at the top is productive.

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