What Are Some Unnamed Foreign Intelligence Agency? How Would A Tech Company In The United States Arrange A Meeting With Them? Why?

It doesn’t work like that. You don’t contact intelligence agencies per se. That’s the most certain means of being ignored. (Darpa is an exception.) You write technical papers. You submit articles to think tanks. You show up at intelligence related conferences and military trade shows. You hire a small PR firm to spread the information around. But you establish relationships.

Remember that there are people posing as you for counter intelligence or intelligence purposes, and lunatics of every stripe – it is hard to identify an opportunity that isn’t a land mine.

“To catch a mouse, make a noise like cheese.”

  • Talk about what you do.
  • Talk about the benefit to those organizations.
  • Make it easy to be found.

The international community largely works through Think Tank networks at the higher end, and academic networks at the lower end.

Think tanks generally have access. They provide brokering services for both sides. And they do that because they are the most informed parties on both sides.

Some think tanks are also government fronts. (I won’t name names.)

(I have, in the past, offered to pay for ‘research’ on the viability of x in y government. It’s actually incredibly cheap. My favorite quote: “You can hire our entire team for a summer for pocket change”. Conversely You wouldn’t believe some of the things i have been asked to do. )

(fwiw – This is how the Russians are so effective for so little money)


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