What Are The Physical Differences Between African People’s Ethnicities (e.g. Ethiopian, Zulu, Congan, Etc.)?

Hmmm. The terrain and the harshness of the environment has led to wide variation among africans. (While the rest of us evolved pedomorphically, africa demanded DEEPER and FASTER sexual maturity – if for the disease gradient alone. )

I have seventeen subraces listed in Africa, and I think that others might break it down into more than thirty. And they all hold scrutiny. By comparison, West europeans and east asians are the least diverse polities and it’s very important that we understand that both our accelerated developments were in no small part due to isolation and proto-speciation.


  • Tigrean Race*** (Tigrean)
  • Amharic Race*** (Amharic)
  • Sudanese-Barya Race*** (Sudanese – Barya)
  • General Nilotic Race (Shilluk – Masai – Nuer – Dinka – Luo – Turkana – Karanojo – Mabaan)
  • Funji Nilotic Race (Funji)
  • Tuareg-Beja Cushitic Race*** (Tuareg – Beja)
  • Nubian Race*** (Nubian)
  • Wolof-Peul-Serer Race (Wolof – Peul – Serer)
  • General Bantu Race (Most Bantus)
  • Bedik Bantu Race (Bedik)
  • West African Race (Most West Africans)
  • Mbuti Pygmy Race
  • Sara Nilotic-Biaka Pygmy Race (Sara – Biaka)
  • San Khoisan-Somali Race*** (San – Somali)
  • Khoi Khoisan Race*** (Nama – !Ora)
  • Hadza Khoisan Race*** (Hadza)
  • Sandawe Khoisan Race (Sandawe)


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