What Do You Call A Person Who Believes In Science And Doesn’t Believe In God?

One doesn’t believe in science. One takes measurements as a means by which to eliminate ignorance, error, bias and deceit, because it is our ignorance, error, bias and deceit that prevents us from seeing the universe as it is, rather than as we wish it to be, or as we evolved to see it to be.

As far as I know, a scientist is a scientist, and that is the name of those people who practice aristotelianism, vs those people who practice literary idealism (platonists), and those who practice humble literary mysticism (mythicists), and those who practice arrogant literary pseudo-law, pseudo-history and pseudo-science (theology).

A scientist can testify in court. A fictionalist cannot.

Truth is a matter of due diligence and warranty. Both of which are only possible through measurement.


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