What Is A Problem You Have Never Been Able To Figure Out?

I have solved at least two significant problems in human thought, and while it takes a long time to do so, I have been able to ‘figure out’ everything I have set my mind to – and abandoned those that I understood could not be solved because we lack the information – not the reasoning ability.

The first was the same one that troubles the physics community, and that is only because the costs of the necessary tests is still too high, and the community is distracted by mathematical pseudoscience for the simple reason that they lack the funds to conduct meaningful tests at necessary scales. This is why I didn’t choose that career. It is economic-progress bound, not idea bound.

The second was general artificial intelligence, which after I understood the problem thoroughly, also understood that it was a problem only solvable by reduction of costs through continuous innovation. I have known for quite some time the answers to general intelligence, the general structure of the data and algorithms, and the problem of ethical(moral) conduct (transactions). The problem is, that … as far as I know … it is still a multi-billion dollar problem if for no other reason than turing’s advice wasn’t followed and the structure of current microprocessors inhibits development.

The third is the same one that’s troubling Nassim Taleb and that is that we lack a unit of measure by which to determine the information necessary to measure changes in state of risk (outliers or paradigm-changers) that we see in high causal density phenomenon like economics where categories are not only fungible but inconstant. As far as I know we cannot achieve this until we produce a unit of measure and that unit of measure will be provided by the information necessary to cause changes in state from the production of a general artificial intelligence.

I think we are a lot farther along in understanding and unifying the first full generation of thought across all disciplines than I’d originally assumed, or that anyone would infer from exposure to their various grammars, vocabularies, semantics, and truth tests. However, reforming all those disciplines, and the common vernacular takes a century or more. But just as the Greek enlightenment and the British Enlightenment both dragged humanity out of ignorance and superstition, the counter revolutions of Abrahamic pseudo rationalism in the ancient world, and Rousseuian-Kantian-Marxist-Postmodern pseudoscience in the modern, have struggled to restore the dark ages.

Truth is not comforting.


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