What Would Iq Obsessed Quorans Do If Tomorrow It Was Confirmed That Iq Scores And Testing Were A Grand Hoax?

It can’t and won’t happen since we have overwhelming data, now confirmed by genetics (last year), and cognitive science, as well as empirical evidence in every field of study and in every country on earth, and in every race, subrace, tribe, class, family, and gender, that IQ is one of the “Factor” personality traits, that along with conscientiousness is the single greatest determinant of all human behavior and consequence, because it increases the ability to identify increasingly complex patters of constant relations at the same biological cost.

Furthermore we know the structural and developmental differences between the male and female brains. So we know the difference in behavior desipte our similar factors is determined by biases in dimensions within those factors.

Furthermore, we know that the factors and dimensions are produced by the same number of endocrine reactions (reward systems). And that genetic, gender, and developmental differences produce human variation in all personality traits.

Furthermore we know that the primary means of improving human personality traits (including intelligence) is through pedomorphic evolution (mating for more youthful features).

And that pedomorphic evolution merely delays the rate and intensity of sexual maturity. Giving time and energy for intellectual development.

Furthermore we know that the primary variations in personality are due to the combination of rate of maturity, the different behaviors learned that accompany rates of maturity, and the gender bias of those traits from the more solipsistic and feminine, to the more autistic and male.

Humans are not manufactured industrially but grown on an individual basis. But the rules for all humans as for all mammals, and for all life are the same.

There are very few rules that govern our macro development.

And endocrine variations in genes, utero, and early development determine our differences.

And intelligence is what we gain from losing those ‘masculine’ features that in fact represent nothing more than depth of maturity.

Yet to do so we must prevent the early maturity of the female mind, and its irrationality that is necessary for the irrational obsession with infants necessary for a very costly being that must be raised for many years prior to independence.


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