What’s The Biggest Culture Shock The Us Has Ever Faced?

There have been culture shocks fairly regularly.
Just since the Constitution:
1 – The almost-revolutionary war where the North wanted to secede.
2 – The North-South conflict from the very beginning.
3 – The Louisiana Purchase and the Civil War that resulted from the South wanting to secede (which would have meant that the new territories joined the South not the North).
4 – The immigrant shocks in the late 1800’s and then the underclass immigration shocks prior to 1929.
5 – The shocks of converting from an agrarian to industrial society – just as farming became enjoyable.
6 – The shocks of the Depression and the Second World War.
7 – The shocks of the ‘little pink houses’ where soldiers were reintegrated.
8 – The shocks of (temporary) postwar wealth (That everyone thought would last)
9 – The shocks of the underclass revolution (Civil Rights Movement)
10 – The shocks of Johnson’s attempt to imitate the soviets with the Great Society movement – and its catastrophic (like the Soviets) failure.
11 …. I mean… there is at least one shock every decade.


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