Why Does The World Allow America To Rule Alaska?

Because, “Ivan”, for the same reason China lets Russia rule anything east of the urals. And the same reason Muscovy rules the former Golden Horde territories, and the same reason Muscovy rules former Novgorod, and the same reason Muscovy rules Kaliningrad (which we will someday correct), and the same reason Muscovy rules Crimea, and the same reason Muscovy DOESN”T rule eastern europe any longer.

Becuase decisions are made by the capacity to conduct and preserve the violence necessary to rule.

The last people on earth to make judgements of others are the Russians.

You killed millions of your own, and set your self back a century, then set back eastern europe by a century. Spread the disease of markxism around the world at the cost of 100M lives.

You didn’t protect us from the germans. The germans were trying to protect us from you.

Why on earth the Anglos didn’t let you conquer and retake Turkey is beyond me.

Why we didn’t overthrow and modernize you at the end of the world war is merely one of the great follies in history. Had we continued to moscow and Beijing we would have cut the number of murders you caused in half.

Own it. Your national mythology is an out and out lie. Your national hero was one of the most evil men ever to walk the earth. The germans were right.


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