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–“So you’re a supremacist”– (a naive young fool)

I work on the compatibility thesis, and that it’s the distribution of talents in cooperation in a group, not individuals that produce ‘goods’.

Men and women are compatible. The classes, except at the bottom, are compatible. The peoples of the world, if they internalize their own costs of domestication, are compatible.

Only europeans could invent what we have invented, but any people willing to adopt those technologies (including eugenic mating practices) can make use of them.

As for ‘superiority’, europeans have inherited a genetic advantage in the distribution of their talents, just as have the ashkenazi and the east asians. The difference is only that we developed truth independent of its effect on the dominance hierarchy, and a civilization of markets in everything because of it – and no one else did.

All human peoples can transcend the animal. But it comes at the cost of continuous reduction of the underclasses through constraints on reproduction and mating.

That’s just how it is.

So, no. All peoples can transcend.

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