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There is a website somewhere plays the daily game of matching crimes to arrest photos. And it is that data we should find interesting. Not data that is constructed consciously or otherwise to produce an outcome. Lesson from Economics: never use intentionally constructed data.

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So when people are practicing pattern recognition from faces, what patterns are they observing? Well, Kin Selection, Class Selection, Personality Selection, and personal experience. People are very good at it, and you can nearly always judge a book by its cover if you can see it.

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They have much higher retention of traits than even we do, including everything from scent to body fat distribution to scale of genitalia and length of legs. And they have a low opinion of human nature. And very little respect for human life (by comparison).

East asians not only have verb based language rather than noun, and conformity(harmony) and non-imposition against the dominance hierarchy, but they failed to solve the problem of politics, and still practice face and continuous deception. It is very hard to compare us.

Um. this is far too long a conversation, but you are using too few axis of causality. East asians are a low trust people. We are not yet sure why they are low trust. But it is most likely because their first philosopher ( their SunTzu) advocated delay and deceive.

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