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I’m saying if you graph testosterone by class, major tribe(hundreds), SubRace (30 or so) and Races (3-4), that pedomorphic selection and testosterone coincide and so do facial features, with dimorphism varying between groups. ie: east asians lowest, africans highest.

The way to domesticate a human animal is no different from any other. Overtake its dominance hierarchy and cull impulsivity and aggression. This turns out to produce neotenic trait expression, prolongation of maturation, and general decline in testosterone (and many other things)

It’s pretty obvious. Some of us had to mature quickly in high disease gradients and some of us could afford to mature more slowly and produce fewer offspring in colder climates. Add prohibition on cousin marriage, the meat grinder of agrarianism/manorialism and underclass shrinks

It’s not so much that any group is superior to any other group so much as that some groups have been more successful at culling the underclasses. If you can get your median above 105 very good things start to happen. I assume in the future that number will continue to increase

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