—‘Nonsense, a competent shooter can shoot as fast with a 45 as with a 9.”—

^ But you just made my point didn’t you?

380 > 9 > 40 > 45 > 10

Average person’s rate of fire will decrease with scale (even the top competitive shooters cannot overcome the rate of fire without extraordinary effort – it’s all on video. go watch it.)

My point is pretty tediously scientific:

Lower recoil, higher rate of fire, more rounds near target, vs higher recoil lower rate of fire, but rounds on target. Smaller people smaller caliber. larger stronger people higher caliber heavier gun.

I can empty a 45 on three targets because I was trained to to do it. But the FBI can’t get their agents to do it. (Probably too many women failing and too many accountants now with weak hands.).

I was taught mozambique drills (with plastic dummy rounds loaded randomly by the instructor ) … for what seemed like forever, and it’s still the only thing I still practice.

I still see 9mm as a subgun round and if you look at rates of fire over the past 200 years, then we are effectively teaching people to fire 9mm’s in gunfights as 200rpm subguns instead of how we taught people through about 1980 – which was to hit what you shot at with every shot.

Look at training videos and movies over the past century. Look at stance changes since the civil war.

Effectively, the 9mm mag dump is more accurate and faster than a SMG. This was an accidental innovation (transformation) of the marketplace over the past few decades (since the 80’s).

The 9mm has much better penetration through substances (particularly glass), than slower or fatter calibres. It is actually deadly out to fairly long distances (which is why I favor 45’s and rifled-shotgun slugs in urban environments).

Hence why the market is questioning the SMG space, and increasingly the black gun (and in the future with 6mm) is replacing the smg market. (although I suspect the mp5 to remain in service for quite a while because of its fitness for vehicles.).

Sorry man but I’m a supernerd and I notice these things. ;)

Effectively the 9mm pistol market has filled the smg space.

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