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The lifting of the laboring and underclasses from subsistence to consumption was made possible by the increases in relative productivity.

In other words, we are simply wealthy enough that we can afford (for a time) to reverse four thousand years of the domestication of human groups, by the rapid expansion of th eunderclasses and their movement from rural agrarian marginal self-sustenance to

Nothing occurred because of feminine (left’s) good intentions, but instead the left caused the consumption of increases in productivity as increases in population rather than the traditional western means of increasing the commons.

People were not oppressed. They were domesticated, generation by generation like every other animal through harsh winters, manorialism (most important) and aggressive hanging of up to one percent of the population every year.

The industrial revolution reversed the trend, and we have already lost one standard deviation in median intelligence in the much of the west through dysgenia.

Cities are exacerbating the issue since they are IQ and ovary graveyards.

This is just the data.

It is what it is.

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