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by Alexander Brown

I used to be a total Christian. And that was when I was very very stupid.

I was even a practising Jew. I observed the seventh day sabbath.

Now, I know that the only thing to trust is truth, and that God that is compatible with truth, science, natural law and laws of nature.

I also have become aware that all men cannot be available. Because all men are not equal. And that the men that matter, and those with agency, are predetermined genetics and are indeed few.

I would thus advise you to take responsibility. To love a clean life but if you must act to survive, do not hesitate.

Learn to find the men that would reciprocate in mutually beneficial exchanges and partner with them. Avoid all other men.

While at it, do be like the American: have manners, engage, explore, extend good will, throat punch when insulted and WIN.

Or, be like the Japanese: take the insult in a good stride, wait for your opportunity and retaliate in sudden blitzkrieg.

Or act the Russian: never forget, never forgive.

Or the Jew: make money and control as many as is possible, regardless – and by deception or whatever means.

Because, the billions don’t say fair.

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